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Best Bacon Cooker Reviews 2019

Do you love bacon for breakfast? Well, everybody does. In fact, a hearty cooked brunch of coffee and toast seems incomplete without a few strips. Kids love bacon too. Every mother knows that and it’s no surprise to see stacks of this food in every homes’ fridges. Now cooking bacon is as easy as child’s […]

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Top 5 Best Creme Brulee Torch Reviews

Do you want to whip up impressive creme brulee like the pros? If you need styling and want to professional performance, you need the best torch to achieve that perfect brown topping on your favorite dessert. These torches are not only for creme brulee, they are great for creating other culinary masterpieces like gratins and […]

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Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews

Who doesn’t love cooking and eating outdoors? Having a change of scenery even with the most mundane task of cooking and eating is a highly enjoyable activity for the entire family. Even when you’re just at home dining in your front yard, the change is a welcome activity. While waiting for your food to cook, […]

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Best Countertop Oven Reviews

Are you fed up with eating fried food? Well, why don’t you try baking? Baking is an excellent alternative to frying. Not only is it healthier, it’s also more versatile in terms of the kind of recipes that you can create. Baked food, because less heat is able to escape, brings out the natural juices in […]

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Best Vegetable Chopper Reviews

I’m crazy about vegetables. Yes, I’m literally crazy about them. I know its nutritional value, I love the taste and the varied flavors that you get from different varieties of vegetables. But do you know what drives me nuts? It’s the prep work. Preparing veggies just suck the life out of cooking for me. Chopping […]

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