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Best Rotisserie Oven Review and Recommendation

When it comes to baking and roasting, a consistent result is always elusive. But that is just what you want, right? So how do you ensure that you will have a consistent result when baking or roasting? Simple. Use a rotisserie oven. The rotisserie oven is popular during the holidays because that’s when we have the time to […]

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Best Meat Cleaver Reviews 2019

When it comes to the scariest kitchen implement, I believe nothing would come close to the meat cleaver. This rugged and ancient piece of tool survived the test of time and still finds usefulness even in a modern kitchen. The sheer size and structure of this tool are enough to intimidate the faint of heart. […]

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Best Cookie Press reviews 2019

Are you having difficulty feeding those little monsters at home? Well, you’re not alone and in my case, cookies are the goto food for all occasions. Now if you have plenty of hungry mouths to feed, you need to automate the process and be on top of the demand. You don’t want frustrated monsters, do […]

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Best Meat Injector Reviews

Meat in and of itself doesn’t really taste good. Regardless of kind, it will not give you that juicy goodness unless infused with delicious marinade. If you’re only dealing with thin meat, it’s easy to just marinade the outer portion and be done with it. But what if you’re dealing with thicker slices? For large […]

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Best Lump Charcoal Reviews

Summer is approaching, so that means it is time to get out the grill and prepare for barbecues. Of course, when you have a grill, it means you’ll need charcoal. As simplistic as it is, you need to consider choosing the right kind of charcoal for your grill. If you do not do this, there […]

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Best Sausage Stuffer Reviews

When was the last time you’ve made your own sausage? I don’t know about you, but as far as sausages go, I wouldn’t trade homemade for anything else. I just love homemade sausage and the main reason for it is that I know what goes into it. The same can’t be said of commercial sausages. Do […]

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Best Manual Meat Grinder for Your Kitchen

Are you still buying ground meat from your local meat shop? Why not ground your own? The advantage of doing this is that you’re fully aware of the ratio of fats and protein and the freshness of the meat. If you don’t make your own, you’re at the mercy of your local butcher. Making ground […]

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Best Pizzelle Maker Reviews

Have you seen those pizzelle and thought, “how are those things made?” Pizzelles are those Italian cookies that many unsuspecting people mistake for waffles but discover it’s actually more addictive after one bite. This traditional food from the old country is actually just made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and vegetable oil then cooked to crisp. […]

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