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5 Best Japanese Rice Cooker Reviews

Do you love Asian cuisine? If you do, then you might be consuming a lot of rice. This staple of Asian cooking finds its way to a lot of recipes, and in Japan, it is consumed by the tons. About 85% of the 2.3 million farmlands are planted with rice in Japan. Is it a […]

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Best Meat Cleaver Reviews 2019

When it comes to the scariest kitchen implement, I believe nothing would come close to the meat cleaver. This rugged and ancient piece of tool survived the test of time and still finds usefulness even in a modern kitchen. The sheer size and structure of this tool are enough to intimidate the faint of heart. […]

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Best Lump Charcoal Reviews

Summer is approaching, so that means it is time to get out the grill and prepare for barbecues. Of course, when you have a grill, it means you’ll need charcoal. As simplistic as it is, you need to consider choosing the right kind of charcoal for your grill. If you do not do this, there […]

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Best Sausage Stuffer Reviews

When was the last time you’ve made your own sausage? I don’t know about you, but as far as sausages go, I wouldn’t trade homemade for anything else. I just love homemade sausage and the main reason for it is that I know what goes into it. The same can’t be said of commercial sausages. Do […]

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