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How to Thicken BBQ Sauce

Do you realize that barbecue sauce is nice not only for barbecue but for other dishes as well? It amplifies the flavor of soups, vegetables and meat and even sandwiches. The secret to making a good barbecue sauce is to make it thick. When the barbecue sauce is thin, it defeats its purpose because it can just […]

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How To Cook Parboiled Rice In Three Easy Methods

Cooking parboiled rice is easy, but for the uninitiated, you can overcook it, add more or less salt to it, under-cook it or even make it too sticky. You don’t want to end up throwing those precious grains, do you? That’s why in this article, I will give you three surefire methods to cook parboiled […]

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How to Make Bacon Jerky

When was the last time that you tasted food and it made you salivate like Pavlov’s dog? As a food lover, I know how to appreciate food but to be honest, nothing makes me drool like bacon jerky. I just love the taste of bacon jerky, and while nutritionists can discuss the importance of protein in our […]

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