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Summer is approaching, so that means it is time to get out the grill and prepare for barbecues. Of course, when you have a grill, it means you’ll need charcoal. As simplistic as it is, you need to consider choosing the right kind of charcoal for your grill. If you do not do this, there are consequences. The food you are cooking may not come out properly and the wrong type of charcoal can even damage the grill. Below are five select lump charcoal products, each with its own small review. Check them out and see which one is best for you.

Before exploring these five different kinds of lump charcoal, it is important to know what to look for and what to avoid when buying lump charcoal. This all depends on a few factors, such as how big your grill is, how fast you want the coals to light, and how long you want the coals to be lit for. Using big coals on a big grill will take a very long time to light. If you have a small grill and use small coals, it will light quickly but burn out quickly. Keep this in mind when selecting what lump charcoal to buy.

Another factor is how many people you are cooking for and how long you intend to use the grill. If you are just grilling something for yourself or a small group and intend to use the grill for a long time, you would probably want larger coals. While these larger coals take a long time to light, it usually means whatever you are grilling will be a bit more flavorful. Using bigger coals can also work in a setting where you have a big group, but intend to stay out for a long time. Bigger coals do not burn out fast and do not need to be relit as much as smaller coals. Smaller coals are great for a setting where you do not want to stay out cooking all day, but also have a good sized group to attend to. Small coals light up quickly but also burn out quickly, so if you want to just cook a little bit for a group then pack everything up afterward, use small coals.

Now that you have some background information, it is time to check out these five brands of lump charcoal. See which one is best for your situation.

5 Best Lump Charcoal Reviews

Fogo super premium hardwood lump charcoal, 17.6 lb bag

The first thing to note about Fogo charcoal is that it has very big coals. As mentioned above, this means they will take quite a long time to light but will stay lit and hot for a very long time. Fogo charcoal is made of oak hardwood, so it burns at an extremely high temperature. Some users claim that it can get as hot as 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The one drawback to Fogo charcoal is lighting it. If you do not have a chimney starter, you will need to get one in order to light it. You can also light it by soaking paper towels with vegetable oil and placing the coals over it, but that could be dangerous. While most other coals are easily lit with lighter fluid, using lighter fluid on Fogo charcoal could also be very dangerous since they can get very hot really quickly. Fogo charcoal is great for smaller grills such as the big green egg models.

Rockwood lump charcoal

Perhaps the best thing about the Rockwood charcoal is that when you order it, you’ll get lots of it: You get three 20 lb bags. The coals you get vary in size. It is also useful for smaller, Kamado grills. Different than most lump charcoal of its size which can produce a lot of smoke, Rockwood charcoal does not produce a lot of smoke when lit. It is easy to light as well because the coals do not get very hot. In most cases, lighter fluid is all you will need. The one drawback to Rockwood charcoal is that the coals are not big. This means they are going to burn out quickly. Also, since you get three bags, there is a possibility of getting some coals that have already been burnt out or reduced to ash or dust. A handful of users have reported this. Still, if you want to barbecue something very quickly, Rockwood is a good choice. Also, because you get three bags, you can use Rockwood in a larger grill as well.

Jealous Devil all natural lump charcoal, restaurant quality for smoking and grilling

Jealous Devil has an interesting slogan regarding their lump coal: Pure as Heaven, hotter than Hell. And according to a majority of the people who used it, that slogan seems to be accurate as the coals can get extremely hot. Some have reported that the coals can get as hot as 600 degrees Fahrenheit. This is comparable to the Fogo lump coals, which can burn at 800 degrees. Different than the Fogo coals, Jealous Devil coals are a bit smaller in size but can still burn for quite a while given the heat factor. Jealous Devil lump coals are good for when you have a small crowd but want to do a lot of cooking. However, there are a few drawbacks to Jealous Devil that could get people to buy Fogo lump coals instead. First, users have reported that the coals they get in the bag are not as consistent as with Fogo lump coals. Second, there have been similar reports that the packaging is not consistent either.

Original Natural Charcoal – 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoals – Unique Blend of Apple, Cherry, and Oak Trees – No Smoke, No Sparks, and Low Ash (17.6lbs)
One thing that Original Natural promises are diversity in taste. Unlike the other lump coals featured here, it uses a blend of apple, cherry, and oak trees. This affects the flavor of the food being cooked with it, and many users agree that Original Natural does just that. Users also say that the coals you get in the bag are extremely small. There is a good and a bad aspect to this. Like with any small lump coal, Original Natural burns hot and quickly, within minutes. However, they burn out very quickly, which means if you are cooking for a long time, you must keep adding lump coals and re-lighting the coals. Original Natural lump charcoal is very nice for cooking something quickly for yourself or a small group, but if you want to cook for a big group or a for a long time with it, you will probably struggle.

Cowboy 24220 Lump Charcoal, 20 lb 4 pack

If you are hosting a large barbecue for a lot of people, Cowboy lump charcoal comes with four 20 pound bags, making it perfect for an all day long barbecue. The lump coals are said to be a decent size as well. However, not much is known about Cowboy lump charcoal. The other descriptions of the other lump charcoal are very detailed while the Cowboy lump charcoal does not have much of a description at all. One user did report that you should expect heavy amounts of black smoke when first lighting Cowboy lump coal but then they burn clean right after. Despite the fact that there are so many unknown things about Cowboy lump charcoal, the fact that it comes in four bags make it perfect for very big barbecues.

Why lump charcoal is better than other charcoal for grilling

The purpose of grilling anything is to make food much more flavorful than food that is baked, toasted, or fried. One common thread about all of these lump coals (as opposed to briquettes) is that their material seals flavor and does not take away from flavor when grilling. If you ever noticed that grilled food can sometimes have ash like texture or can be dry. This is because lump coals were not used and briquettes were. Using lump charcoal is a good idea if you want the food you cook to retain juices and be very flavorful.

Final words

There are different lump charcoals for different situations, as the above five products have shown. There are two things to consider before buying lump charcoal for your next barbecue. First, you need to know how many people you are cooking for; then you need to know how long you will be cooking. If you have the answers to these questions, you will then be able to decide much more accurately what kind of lump charcoal you should get for your next barbecue.


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