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Are you a new visitor or have been following SumoChef? No matter, let me introduce myself. I'm Claire, and this site is a place where I (and other fellow bloggers)share things related to food and cooking. Not only do we share delicious recipes, but information and product reviews, anything that helps make your life in the kitchen more convenient!

I've stopped accepting guest posts. However, I still accept "Sponsored Posts" 

We've also got an excellent follower count, which makes Sumo Chef a helpful community filled with fellow chefs and aspiring cooks who want to progress and continue doing so.

But of course, we need to admit that we are not knowledgeable about everything. That is why I am ecstatic and proud that there are other people (like you, maybe!) who would want to collaborate with us by submitting their content that fits the site's niche.

So if you fit the bill and would love to share your knowledge and passion with us, then I am inviting you to submit your works. I would love to have you and your content up on Sumo Chef!

You may reach me through Claire.Sumochef@Gmail.com . In your message, please put "I Want To Do A GuestPost" as your subject line. This will help me prioritize you over the many emails I receive on a daily basis.​

But wait! There are a few guidelines to follow before you start creating your fantastic work for us. After all, there's nothing terrible about following a few policies.

Preliminary Guidelines

  • Submit at least three topics you are interested in writing for Sumo Chef.
  • Share a bit about yourself. What interests? If you have any blogs or websites up, what are they?
  • Submit your pitch with a sample of your work (just one is enough, but you can submit more).

Editorial Guidelines

  • Once your request is approved, follow this structure:
  • The article must be at least 5000 words
  • Please make it engaging, practical, and useful for everyone to appreciate
  • No grammatical errors! I am okay with slang words, but as much as possible, use proper English.
  • There should be NO plagiarized work, or I will immediately decline it. I check the articles via Copyscape!
  • Make the article readable and in the proper format.

Things to Add

1. Please add a short biography about you, where you can link it to your website.

2. I encourage you to add pictures and videos, though they are not necessary.​

What Do You Get?

  • I will allow an anchor text and URL for links you'd like to direct to your website. This link will be a DoFollow so that it will be considered as an organic backlink. This is important for those building their websites!
  • And if your posts from my website get reactions and comments from the community, do reply and interact. It's a chance for some exposure!

​Some Statistics

Monthly Visitors: 3671 (October, 2017)

Domain Authority: 25 (October, 2017)

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Guest Post Topic Ideas

  • Food and Recipes
  • Cooking Tips
  • Information About Ingredients
  • Product Reviews