Spice Up Your Life!

Tired of tasting the same old bland food? Then it's time so start using the proper spices and seasoning to get the best out of your meals! These little ingredients do wonders to add the bursts of flavors to your food. They usually come in powdered or seed form, used to give a little kick to make your food tasty and unique.​

Let's find out more about spices, shall we?

Basic Types of Spices​

Here are the different and popular types of spices you can easily obtain and use for various dishes:​


Basil has the sweet and earthy taste to match the Italian and Thai food. It's best added to lasagna and pasta, or for vegetables with peanuts and fruits.

Curry Powder

​This is a mix of various spices, with turmeric, cumin, coriander, and other types, depending on the flavor. It best suits Indian dishes, most especially curry. It also bodes well with vegetables, eggs, rude or quinoa, as well as tuna.


Cumin has a toasty and earthy taste with a mild spice, making it a yummy pairing with Mexican or Indian dishes. Fish is good with it as well.


It has a woody taste, best for roasted meats and dishes that contain squash or pumpkin. Try brushing it on meat or using its long stalks as skewer sticks!

Smoked Paprika

It has the smoky and woody taste, making it perfect for rubbing meat to for grilling. It's perfect because you won't need to add extra fats or salt when using this, cutting back on calories or sodium. You can also add this to fruit salsas and tomato sauce.


Thyme tastes earthy and will have a more intense flavor when crushed. You can add this to roasted vegetables, bean dishes, or anything that contains a lemon zest to pair with the tangy and savory flavors.


Cinnamon has that sweet and spicy flavor that makes it great for both baked goods and dishes. It has the natural sweetness that allows you to cut back on sugar when baking, which is a huge plus.



​Use this for muffins, bread, toppings on oatmeal, or for Greek meat dishes that contain lamb or beef.

Benefits of Using Spice​

Why should you add spices to your dishes? Here are the remarkable advantages it has to offer:​

Adds Flavor

Yes, it adds the best flavors to your dishes, but it has one health benefit that salt or fats do not have. It's a low-calorie ingredient with none of the added fats or sodium, which is what makes if healthier but even more flavorful.​

Weight Loss

Spices are a better choice for extra flavor to those who are trying to lose weight. Since your food will have better flavor, you become more fulfilled and eat balanced meals.

And if you use spices such as cayenne pepper, which have a hot flavor, you'll be able to boost your metabolism for weight loss. Plus, this spice has got a lot of powerful antioxidants to fight invaders in your body.


Many spices contain anti-inflammatory properties that keep you free from pain. It doesn't only help with your joints, but also with stomach pain as well. It's great for digestion as well, reducing gas while regulating enzymatic reactions.

Decreases Risk of Illnesses

Spices such as cinnamon have the antioxidants that can lessen the possibility of heart diseases and cancer. Also, they can reduce blood glucose, which leads to better health for those who have diabetes. Spices also boost your immune system.

​The Things You Need When Cooking With Spice

Did you know that it's possible to create your spices at home? When growing plants and seeds, you'll need the proper tools to pulverize and create the desired results to sprinkle on top of your dishes and baked goods. Here are the necessities you can consider purchasing for spices:​

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Bonus: The Different Spice Blends You Can Use​

Still, want to learn more about the various types of spices and what they can do for your dishes and overall health? Then check this infographic on the spices you can use and how to mix and match spices for even better and different flavors! These will give your dishes a unique kick!

Source: Cooksmarts.com