How to Make Crepes With Pancake Mix: The Perfect Breakfast Hack!



I'm a huge fan of many recipes, especially ones that are easy to do but look so fancy and attractive. And one dish I always remember when thinking elegant and delicious would be crepes! These thin pancakes are perfect for just about any occasion, looking delicate and enjoyed by anyone. But the problem is, some people have trouble creating the perfect crepes, especially when pressed for time or without the necessary ingredients.

I was once craving for crepes but didn't have the right ingredients as well. But when I have the will, I find the way! And the way? Pancake mix! Yes, it's possible to use this simple batter to create such an excellent dish! So if you're wondering how to make crepes with pancake mix, read on as I show you how!

What Are Crepes?​

​You've heard of pancakes, a thin and flat cake topped off with butter and syrup. But what about crepes? These thin pastries come from the ancient Greek times and are considered as part of the French cuisine, with the recipe and dish known around the world.

What makes these skin-thin pastries different from pancakes isn't just the thickness, but by where you add the toppings. Sure, you top the butter and syrup (or other toppings!) on your pancake, but with crepes, it's different- You make it like an omelet and fill it inside, creating a fold that looks delicate and fancy.

You can fill it with fruits or spreads and top it with whipped cream or ice cream. Heck, you can even have SAVORY crepes where you add your favorite meats and seasonings. The versatility of this exquisite dish holds no bounds. Tender, soft, flavorful and perfect for any time of the day, what more can you ask for from crepes?

How to Make Crepes With Pancake Mix​

Crepes are a lighter version of pancakes, making it possible to use a mix to create a whole batch. But since pancake batter has leavening and baking powder or soda (crepe batters do not), it will end up being a bit fluffier. So if you tweak the recipe, it will still be possible to create crepes.

But take note that these crepes, though delicious, will still not be as paper-thin as the crepes you are used to. That's because the pancake batter contains the baking powder which would make it rise a bit.

A plus side to this is that you can get your crepes AND pancakes if your kids prefer the latter (it saves on effort and money!). So check this easy way on how you can use pancake batter to make crepes!

Here are the ingredients you'll need:​

  • Prepared pancake batter (the usual mix you purchase from grocery stores, mixed with water or other necessary ingredients based on the instructions)
  • About quarter to half a cup of milk
  • One egg
  • Cooking spray (or one stick of butter)
  • Preferred fillings (optional)

​Follow these steps:

1. Whisk the egg and milk together in a small bowl until they are well combined. Add it to the pancake batter, whisking it thoroughly until the batter has the similar consistency as heavy cream.

2. Spray a six to nine-inch nonstick skillet with cooking spray and let it heat up over medium-high heat. Alternatively, you can swirl a butter stick in the pan until it coats the pan and makes a thin layer.

3. Pour about two to three tablespoons of the batter into the hot skillet, swirling the pan to ensure that the mixture coats the whole pan in a thin layer. You can use a pour spout for this to make it easier to add the batter without dripping. Swirl quickly and make sure the whole mixture is spread evenly before it cooks.

4. Let the crepe cook for about 20 to 30 seconds, to until you see that the bottom is browned. Flip the crepe and cook it for 15 seconds. Flip it using your hand and a thin metal spatula, since the crepe is large and will need more work. Use the spatula as a way to lift the crepe and flip it using both hands to avoid tearing it.

5. Remove the crepe from the skillet and put it on a wire rack lined with parchment paper, storing it in a warm oven (under 200 degrees Fahrenheit) until it's ready to serve. Repeat with the remaining batter.

6. Serve the crepes with your desired toppings and then roll the crepe around the filling. Top it with your favorite ice cream flavor or syrup, and you're ready to go!

Tips on Making the Perfect Crepes​

Now that you're familiar with how to make crepes with pancake mix, I'm sure you want more advice on how to cook and create the perfect crepes to serve, here are some tips and points to consider:

  • Before cooking the batter, I recommend you to refrigerate it for about an hour or so. That way, the gluten relaxes, and you get lighter and airy crepes.
  • Use the right pan! Nonstick pans would usually brown the crepes unevenly, so it's best to use a stainless steel pan that heats up well and with the thick bottom to avoid burning the crepes. Make sure to add butter to it for more flavor and to prevent the crepes from sticking
  • Do NOT heat it too quickly, letting the pan heat up slowly and at just the right temperature to avoid the crepe from burning or sticking to your pan.
  • When cooking the first batch of crepes, over butter it by swirling butter on the pan, thinly covering the bottom and sides of it. It's similar to putting deodorant. Rebutter the pan after cooking six crepes, swiping it quickly.
  • Flip your pancakes at the right time. Flip it too early, and you won't have a shiny look and the crepe would tear. Flip it too late, and it ends up being burnt and with a weird flavor.
  • Wondering how to put a twist to your crepes? There are tons of fillings and toppings you can add to it. If you're new to making crepes, then you can start off with adding caramelized apples or mangoes inside.

​Chocolate spread and banana slices are an impressive combination as well. Top it with whipped cream or syrup, and you're ready to go. If you're craving for something savory, ham and mushrooms never go wrong!

In Conclusion​

Crepes are something not a lot of people make because they think it's difficult. But that's not the case! I love making crepes, and I find it not only easy, but a delicious outcome I can prepare for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! And with this pancake mix hack, I'm sure a lot of you will love experimenting and making this lovely French dish even more.

I hope that this article on how to make crepes with pancake mix helped you become more knowledgeable and enhance your cooking skills. So what are you waiting for? Don't just make the usual pancakes or skip on breakfast! Try making crepes with pancake mix today and see how it'll be a hit for the whole family!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences or tips on how to make crepes with pancake mix, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.​

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