Meet Claire

Welcome to my online kitchen.

Since you’re here, I believe an introduction is in order.

I'm Claire Ruiz a wife and mother of two wonderful sons and my passion is cooking. I’m a third generation chef and I practically grew up in the kitchen under the tutelage of my mother and grandmother. Growing up, I can’t remember process food being allowed in our dining table. The food that our family enjoys is always the product of our kitchen. Needless to say, my cooking style is greatly influenced by these two amazing women.​

​I’m a chef because cooking is what I love to do and I’ve dreamed of becoming a food connoisseur my entire life. Cooking has been a highly rewarding experience for me and I can’t imagine doing something else. I've worked for three restaurants before traveling around the world to enjoy the dishes of different countries and discover their unique cultures.

My unique approach to cooking is the result of my varied experience and travel abroad. I believe that food is what actually unites people and the dining table is where we set aside our differences. When we eat we become vulnerable because enjoying food requires a different level of trust and surrender to the person preparing your food. Sharing and enjoying food is one of the most intimate experiences in life.​

In the meantime, I'm staying at home with my husband Jack to take care of my children. They never failed to inspire me and give me new ideas about food and cooking. They are also my in-house food critic and man, are they hard to please!​

It is my desire to make them experience what I had growing up. Processed food is barred from my kitchen because I want my family to experience love in a very personal and practical way. I want them to know that there is effort in every bite that they take.Family life has never stopped me from reaching out to food aficionados out there and share my thoughts on food and cooking.

This blog is where I find expression to my passion and I hope be able to contribute to your cooking experience here too. A lot of the things that make it here are the result of what I serve on my own family table